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April 23rd, On Endings Contrary to conventional wisdom, I did not blog like crazy promoting the book. See what I did there?

See a Problem?

As it stands, the series tells the Connor Grey story I wanted to tell. I certainly can continue with the Convergent World. There are plenty still to be told, but this particular story had its arc. But what of Connor? I told a series story with a specific ending in mind from the beginning. The scene on the beach at the end?

In the interest of fair play, I will answer questions—but I want to avoid explaining anything I think is explained in the books, or at least deducible. The next Connor Grey is coming out January 31, two weeks away! As usual with these things, a few copies are already popping up here and there, which always fascinates me. How do people get them before I do??? Wrongly accused of a terrorist act that rocked the city to its core, Connor evades arrest by going underground, where rumors of war are roiling.

A final confrontation between the Celtic and Teutonic fey looks inevitable—with Boston as the battlefield. Undercover agents are turning up dead in the Weird—their murders brushed aside and ignored—and Connor exposes a citywide conspiracy of silence that seems linked to the inexorable march to war. As he digs deeper into the mysterious deaths, Connor draws closer to the secrets of a past he has sought for so long.

And as friends and allies abandon him one by one, Connor discovers that in the clash between light and dark, and in the face of a cataclysm of epic proportions, he might have to make the ultimate sacrifice to save the world. I think most of the major questions people have had are answered here, maybe not in the way some people hoped, and, of course, a few things are left mysterious.

But for the most part, this has been the story I wanted to tell. Which is not to say the world of Connor Grey is finished.


I think readers know I made the Convergent World a pretty big place with a huge cast of characters. Will there be more? And, of course, you guys. One of the greatest pleasures of writing is sharing the world you create. The title says it all, folks! Check out my website for a free first chapter and links to preorder. I'll be blogging a bit more about it soon. Right now I have to remember all my passwords to my blog and website panels. October 31st, Hey, there! Hi, there! Ho, there! As some might have noticed, things have been pretty quiet from me here and on Facebook.

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A lot of that had to do with summerI just spent more time outside. Some of it was about having nothing to say.

Some was about privacy control. And a smidge was about exhaustion. When you layer on a deadline—which sets all sorts of things in motion at the publisher—a little stress and pressure creeps in. So the idea that I could go to the beach without guilt or hang out an entire weekend without writing or just DO stuff was suddenly very appealing.

So I did. I did what I always do: went through all the settings, limiting this, blocking that, opting out of stuff. I started thinking about the role social media plays in my life or should. So, I stopped posting. And a funny thing happened. So now what? I dunno. I will confess: I do not like Facebook.

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The site has like a bazillion users. For me, tho, it lacks appeal on a number of levels. I just have to figure out how to use it without being annoyed. Anyway, hi! A few writers have been getting into a tangle about how writers should generate income in this new fluid world of publishing. It started with a quasi-gentlemanly spat between David Hewson and Cory Doctorow.

Hewson launched with this blog post to which Doctorow took to Twitter here to respond. Others chimed in--most defending Doctorow. I have to admit, the conversations and comments first baffled me, occasionally irritated me and finally just saddened me when I realized what the conversation was really about: most writers get paid crap.

Hewson and Doctorow discussing what path to success works best is a bit like Bruce Springsteen and Lady Gaga arguing over the way to run a music career. One cultivated his audience over time. Meryl Dian is the Guild's archivist and a Druidess with a strong dreaming ability and she and Connor have become friends. Nigel Martin is a powerful Druid and was Connor's mentor; Conner was his prize pupil. Since the accident he wants nothing to do with him and belittles him every chance he gets. Hala is a drys.

They are essence incarnate, the heart of the oak. Almost a goddess to the druids. The essence of Float. The Dananns Ryan macGoren is the current fairy golden boy.

See a Problem?

Handsome, rich, powerful, no morals, and a Guild Director. Just the guy for Keeva. The Clure leads the Cluries, a clan of hard-drinking fairies who specialize in chaos. They either start the party or know where one is. I'll bet they end every party Guildmaster Manus ap Eagan is the power in the Guild and he's dying. Tibs is a brownie who's been with him for almost ever and is Connor's buddy in and out of bed. The Marchgraf, Alvud Kruge , is an elf activist working to clean up the Tangle, the worst part of the Weird.


Unquiet Dreams

Trying to get beings off drugs, employed. He was also a member of the Guild board. Now his wife Eorla , Marchgrafin Kruge, is agitating for it. Donor Elfenkonig , the elf king. Bergin Vize is an environmental terrorist elf who couldn't handle the power coming off a ring. Street Gangs Moke and C-Note are trolls and rival gang leaders facing off.

Series by cover

Banjo leads a gang of dwarf mercenaries and can see the future. Dennis Farnsworth was in the wrong place while Crystal Finch simply got lucky. The street gangs are mostly race-restricted with the fairies sticking to their own, the elves and dwarves to theirs and the humans to theirs.