This Side of Paradise

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It was Fitzgerald's articulation of this generational sadness and bewilderment that helped turn him into a bright shining literary star. It was also his awesome way with words, naturally. When Fitzgerald published This Side of Paradise in , he was just trying to win the heart of a beautiful girl from Alabama named Zelda. He didn't know he'd launch a literary career that would change the face of American letters… unless, of course, he was as cocky as Amory Blaine. In that case he would have totally known his name would be in lights.

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We've all been there. It's late at night, and you drank too much coffee after dinner.

Maybe there's a thunderstorm, or snow is falling gently. You lie awake, watching the ceiling, and wonder: What is the point of all of this?

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What am I supposed to be when I grow up? Uh oh—am I already grown up? What does life mean? And chances are you won't come up with a satisfying answer to any of these bone-chillingly scary questions right away.

F. Scott Fitzgerald’s first novel published

Nope, it takes a whole lot of living and, sadly, a good bit of crying before most people figure out how they want to spend their lives. Like many young people, Amory Blaine, the protagonist of This Side of Paradise, wants his life to be significant.

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Or to put it in his own words, he wants to be "necessary" to the world. But how does he go about becoming necessary? And as Amory's midnight chorus might put it, what does necessary even mean? Is any of this necessary? Sure, this line of questioning gets slotted firmly into the "First World Problems" file, halfway between "My Greek yogurt has expired" and "Why isn't the original Star Wars trilogy on Netflix Instant? The exhibition and its extensive public programming onsite and offsite drew together the economic and social history of the Home with the realities of the Bronx and its residents at the time of the exhibition.

This Side of Paradise

This Side of Paradise celebrated human ingenuity, the strength of the human spirit, and the resilience needed to fashion beauty, hope, and rejoicing. A tremendous thank you to all our interns, volunteers, and the crew at the Andrew Freedman Home.

Verse, drama, lines of doggerel poetry, that sort of thing. That he was able to pull it together to even begin to resemble a novel, and that that novel actually does have form and tell a story, is, I think, an accomplishment in itself.

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This Side of Paradise

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