The Crow Road

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By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The Crow Road by Iain Banks. Prentice returns home from university for his grandmother's funeral where he meets old friends and relatives.

He takes it upon himself to find out more about his uncle Rory's disappearance six years ago. After drunkenly making a fool of himself at his Uncle Fergus' New Year's Eve party, Prentice has a talk with his father. His father sheds a little light on Rory's disappearance, but the father and son relationship sours once again. Prentice learns more about the past when he finds old floppy disks containing portions of the book Rory was writing. Meanwhile, Rory continues to haunt him whenever he's alone.

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The Crow Road

Prentice gradually begins to close on the truth behind Rory's disappearance. But it was to be some 12 years, and another nine novels, before Banks ' vivid and narratively complex work was finally adapted for the screen. Banks has a distinctive skill for evoking the tormented melodrama of youth, and The Crow Road 's multiply troubled young protagonist, Prentice McHoan, is one of his most engaging creations, bewildered and defeated by a catalogue of woes: sexual frustration; a secret adoration for his beautiful cousin, the 'upwardly nubile' Verity; academic disaster; a long-running feud with his father, and the burdens of a better-looking, wittier, more talented older brother and a family prone to premature death.

On top of all this, Prentice is presented with the task of solving the six-year-old mystery surrounding the disappearance of his Uncle Rory: is he continuing a wandering existence, sending occasional cryptic messages home, or is he, in his mother's colourful phrase, 'away the Crow Road' - dead? Joseph McFadden ensures Prentice remains likeable despite a tendency to self-pity and a seemingly relentless capacity for self-destruction - notably an unwarranted hostility to one of the world's greatest dads a typically wonderful Bill Paterson.

Kenneth McHoan's atheistic anti-determinism is a challenge to his son's restless grasping for meaning, for a unifying system that can explain his Uncle's disappearance, the suicide of his idolised friend Darren, the apparently accidental death of his Aunt Fiona and his own recurring failures with women.

The Crow Road (Iain Banks-Gavin Millar BBC-1996) E04 Rory (Finale)

In the end, a scarred but slightly wiser Prentice acknowledges that his father was right, that there is no higher power, no supernatural logic to human suffering. Bryan Elsley 's adaptation is truer to the essence of Banks ' novel than to its detail, adding as well as discarding scenes and confidently rearranging Banks ' chaotic chronology, which hops back and forth between Prentice's present and his family's muddy histories, tantalisingly revealing the ripple of consequences linking events many years apart.

Most significantly, Elsley introduces a series of conversations between Prentice and the missing Rory, a device that proves surprisingly effective as a representation of the young man's nagging quest. Click titles to see or read more.

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