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Led by Averie Mansfield 7 tackles and Luke Jeter 6 tackles, 3. CSUP was limited to 13 first downs, yards of total offense, and perhaps most critically, was only 4-of on third downs. The Orediggers took a commanding lead at halftime thanks to an effective, yard-eating offense and two key special-teams plays.

The Thunderwolves scored on their opening drive with a big pass to open it up and Jordan Kitna's yard scramble to lead , but the Orediggers wouild reel off four straight touchdowns before halftime. Matocha completed his first five passes and finished with a yard completion to Johnston to tie the game.

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After a Pack punt, Mines was marching again before Tevin Donnell seemed to intercept Matocha deep in CSUP territory; the turnover was nullified by a holding flag, however, and Matocha went right back to work to find Johnston on another yard score for a lead. The Show on the Road Aug 7, The Show on the Road Jul 31, All Rights Reserved.

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We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Accept Read More. More importantly, it put Jack Kerouac, and the rest of his Beat buddies, squarely on the literary map.

The story follows Sal Paradise and his pal Dean Moriarty as they crisscross the country, venturing even into Mexico in a quest for the next big adventure. Like, ever.

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Heck, this book is so famous, even the manuscript went on tour. Pardon us? Why should you care about On the Road?

Na cestě (On the Road) - 2012

Well, Shmoopers, we have two answers for this one: one long, one short. The short answer goes like this: ahem Why?! Of course, not everyone is going to be convinced by our short answer, so now that we have that off our chests, let us put it another way to you: This book is more than just a book.

Interested yet? For starters, this book is a cornerstone of the Beat movement, one of the most influential moments in the history of American writing. The Beats believed in spontaneity, rejected conformity, and ran wild across the well-manicured lawns of post-World War II America when everyone else was busy using a ruler to cut their hair.