Internet Discourse and Health Debates

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Simon Williams and colleagues examine the blurring of boundaries between the legitimate treatment of medical conditions and the use of pharmaceuticals as lifestyle drugs, and the three chapters about medicalisation and pharmaceuticalisation focus on the latter. Nick Fox and Katie Ward define the pharmaceuticalisation of domestic life as the inclusion of domestic space such as the bedroom and the kitchen as targets of pharmaceutical marketing and consumption.

He argues that universal access to ART in Brazil gives marginalised residents of favelas a rare sense of inclusion in the wider society, which he describes as therapeutic citizenship. Consumerism is examined in two chapters.

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Fiona Stevenson and colleagues examine the tension between pharmaceutical expertise and consumerism in the context of discussions between customers and pharmacists, and conclude that both pharmacists and their customers acknowledge the importance of pharmaceutical expertise. The readers of an edited book often have an advantage over its authors: they can see the links between chapters and the common threads running through diverse contributions. The book would have benefited from a final synthesis by the editors to bring these various strands together and to draw more general conclusions.

For example, in what way does the neo liberal corporate bias responsible for faster approval of supposedly novel drugs, demonstrated by John Abraham, contribute to or reflect a more general process of pharmaceuticalisation?

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The two chapters examining future developments, in pharmacogenomics and regenerative medicine, could have addressed questions of pharmaceuticalisation. This is not to say that the authors should all have worked within a single framework, but that the editors could have drawn the strands together rather more. I was sorry that neither Jonathan Gabe nor Peter Davis contributed chapters of their own, given their own excellent work on the more macro sociological issues.

What this book does offer is a smorgasbord of topics and conceptualisations, which forms a rich menu for readers wishing to sample sociological contributions to the field of pharmaceuticals and society.

Volume 32 , Issue 3. The full text of this article hosted at iucr.

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    Civil Discourse Exists in This Small Corner of the Internet

    Close Figure Viewer. It has also spawned a blog and a podcast. There are also lighthearted posts: A recent debate took on the intractable question of whether a hot dog counts as a sandwich.

    The result is that Change My View is the opposite of an echo chamber, where users reinforce the ideas that the group already holds and police anyone who tries to dissent. Instead, dissent is the point.

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    Weeks first heard about Change My View in , when she was in law school, and thought that the forum presented an interesting premise, as well as a good place to practice formulating arguments. The moderation is predictable, and users modify their behavior accordingly.

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    Read: Donald Glover fans have taken over a pro-Trump Reddit page. If Twitter and Facebook are vast wildernesses, overgrown in some places and manicured in others, Change My View is more like a carefully tended garden. Kal leads by example. If you want to convince, meet people where they are rather than where you want them to be. Moral reframing means appealing to the morality of the person you are trying to convince rather than your own.

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    Most people have a hard time doing this without being coached, even though it can be an effective means of shifting deeply held beliefs. Willer says that two factors contribute to the moral empathy gap: information and inclination. Their news sources may represent only one slice of the political spectrum, or they live and work in communities that are overwhelmingly red or blue.

    The second factor is inclination. How motivated are we to try to bridge the divides between us?