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ORT Success Stories. Another child will die in the time About Children.. About Children at risk.. About Child Rights.. About Women at Risk.. About Water.. About Hunger-Myths and Realities.. About Environment at Risk.. About Security at Risk.. About Refugees.. Ending Hunger-Now that we can, we must! Breastfeeding protects babies.. World Summit for Children Convention on the Rights of the Child.. Summary of Convention. Frequently Asked Questions - faq's..

Why is diarrhoea dangerous? What is dehydration? How does dehydration occur? What if symptoms begin to appear? How long will the effects last? What is Oral Rehydration Therapy?

How does ORT work? How do I use an ORS package? How do I prepare an ORS solution?

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Can the solution be made with dirty water? Can the ORS solution be stored? Can ORS be used by everyone? What to do if the child vomits? Should feeding continue with ORT? Is is necessary to use drugs?

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What can be done to prevent dehydration? How can I protect myself? Is home-made and packaged the same?

How do I replace potassium loss? Important aspects of diarrhoea management.

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Enlightenment not Entitlement. Coming soon! This is Fin and Bear…. Fin has this amazing body, and so do you! Join Fin and Bear in learning about how bodies and minds work and what we can do to help us be healthy and happy. Facts4Life redefining health education. The presence of a GP and Paediatrician gave the programme credibility. It was a great starting point for us to re-think our PSHCE programme with current up to date thinking and issues that relate to the children of today. What is Facts4Life?

A different research team, after repeated attempts to confirm the observations, saw apparent plumes in and The researchers cautioned that the plumes haven't yet been fully confirmed, but they do provide a suggestion that there is water in Europa's ocean jetting to the surface. Several spacecraft have done flybys of Europa including Pioneers 10 and 11 and Voyagers 1 and 2 in the s. The Galileo spacecraft did a long-term mission at Jupiter and its moons between and Age : Europa is estimated to be about 4.

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Distance from the sun : On average, Europa's distance from the sun is about million miles or million kilometers. Distance from Jupiter : Europa is Jupiter's sixth satellite. Its orbital distance from Jupiter is , miles , km. It takes Europa three and a half Earth-days to orbit Jupiter.

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Europa is tidally locked, so the same side faces Jupiter at all times. Size : Europa is 1, miles 3, km in diameter, making it smaller than Earth's moon , but larger than Pluto.


It is the smallest of the Galilean moons. Temperature : Europa's surface temperature at the equator never rises above minus degrees Fahrenheit minus degrees Celsius. At the poles of the moon, the temperature never rises above minus F minus C. Galileo Galilei discovered Europa on Jan. It is possible that German astronomer Simon Marius also discovered the moon at the same time. However, he did not publish his observations, so it is Galileo who is most often credited with the discovery. For this reason, Europa and Jupiter's other three largest moons are often called the Galilean moons. Galileo, however, called the moons the Medicean planets in honor of the Medici family.

It is possible Galileo actually observed Europa a day earlier, on Jan. However, because he was using a low-powered telescope, he couldn't differentiate Europa from Io, another of Jupiter's moons. It wasn't until later that Galileo realized they were two separate bodies. The discovery not only had astronomical, but also religious implications.

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At the time, the Catholic Church supported the idea that everything orbited the Earth, an idea supported in ancient times by Aristotle and Ptolemy. Galileo's observations of Jupiter's moons — as well as noticing that Venus went through "phases" similar to our own moon — gave compelling evidence that not everything revolved around the Earth.

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As telescopic observations improved, however, a new view of the universe emerged. The moons and the planets were not unchanging and perfect; for example, mountains seen on the moon showed that geological processes happened elsewhere. Also, all planets revolved around the sun.