Electronic Circuits for the Evil Genius: 64 Lessons with Projects

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We have a simple the software and programming your Arduinoproject to play tunes from a loudspeaker, and build board, including downloading the software for theup to a light harp that changes the pitch and projects, so you will need to read it before youvolume of the sound by waving your hand over embark on your projects. This produces an effect rather likethe famous Theremin synthesizer. The final project In Chapter 2 we take a look at some of thein this chapter uses sound input from a essential theory that will help you build themicrophone. It is a VU meter that displays the projects described in this book, and go on tointensity of the sound on an LED display.

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Most of the theory is contained in this chapter, so if you are the kind of The final chapters contain a mixture of projects. Evil Genius who prefers to just make the projectsAmong others, there is, as we have already and find out how they work afterwards, you maymentioned, an unfathomable binary clock using an prefer, after reading Chapter 1, to just to pick aArduino Lilypad board that indicates the time in an project and start building.

Then if you get stuck,obscure binary manner only readable by an Evil you can use the index or read some of the earlyGenius, a lie detector, a motor-controlled swirling chapters. Arduino Duemilanove boards do not have thisYour new Arduino board has arrived and you are jumper and select the power source automatically.

Evil Genius Unit2 Project Sample 4

If everything is working okay, the LED should So, without further ado The reason that new Arduino boards have this Blink sketch alreadyPowering Up installed is to verify that the board works. If your board does not start to blink when connected,When you buy an Arduino Diecimila or check the position of the power jumper if it hasDuemilanove board, it is usually preinstalled with one and try a different USB socket, possibly on aa sample Blink program that will make the little different computer, as some USB sockets arebuilt-in LED flash.

Figure shows an Arduino- capable of supplying more power than others. Also, clicking the Reset button should cause the LED to flicker momentarily. If this is the case, but The light-emitting diode LED marked L is the LED does not flash, then it may just be that thewired up to one of the digital input-output sockets board has not been programmed with the Flashon the board. It is connected to digital pin This sketch; but do not despair, as once everything isreally limits pin 13 to being used as an output, but installed, we are going to modify and install thatthe LED only uses a small amount of current, so script anyway as our first project.

Installing the Software All you need to do to get your Arduino up andrunning is supply it with some power. You will program and send it down to the board. This is the procedure depends on what operating system yousame type of lead that is normally used to connect use on your computer. But the basic principle isa computer to a printer. It uses this forUSB position see Figure The jumper should programming and sending messages.

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The newer 1www. Install the Arduino development environment, Select the Save option from the dialog, and savewhich is the program that you run on your the Zip file onto your desktop. The foldercomputer that enables you to write sketches and contained in the Zip file will become your maindownload them to the Arduino board. The Arduino website www. This will open the Extraction Wizard, shown in Figure Follow the download link on the Arduino homepage www.

This will start the download of the for Windows. Zip archive containing the Arduino software, asshown in Figure You may well bedownloading a more recent version of the softwarethan the version 17 shown. This should not matter,but if you experience any problems, refer back tothe instructions on the Arduino home page. The Arduino software does not distinguishbetween different versions of Windows. Thedownload should work for all versions, fromWindows XP onwards. The following instructionsare for Windows XP.

Figure Then click Next again. This allows you to havemultiple versions of Arduino installed at the sametime, each in its own folder. Updates of Arduinoare fairly infrequent and historically have alwayskept compatibility with earlier versions of thesoftware. So unless there is a new feature of thesoftware that you want to use, or you have beenhaving problems, it is by no means essential tokeep up with the latest version.

Electronic Circuits for the Evil Genius: 57 Lessons with Projects - PDF Free Download

Now that we have got the Arduino folder in theright place, we need to install the USB drivers. Note that you will have to change in the path noted if you download a different version. The installation will then complete and you are ready to start up the Arduino software itself. Note that there is no shortcut created for theArduino program, so you may wish to select the Installation on Mac OS XArduino program icon, right-click, and create ashortcut that you can then drag to your desktop.

The process for installing the Arduino software on the Mac is a lot easier than on the PC. Figure Starting the Arduino software from Windows. Figure Installing the Arduino software onIn the case of the Mac, it is a disk image file. Once Mac OS X. Mac way by dragging it from the disk image toyour Applications folder. Be for the latest information, refer to the Arduinosure to choose the package for your system home page.

Unless you are using a Mac built installation is straightforward.

Electronic Gadgets for the Evil Genius, 2nd Edition by Robert Iannini

When you run the installer, you can simply clickContinue until you come to the Select Disk screen,where you must select the hard disk beforeclicking Continue. As this software installs akernel extension, it will prompt you to enter yourpassword before completing the installation. You can now find and launch the Arduinosoftware in your Applications folder. As you aregoing to use it frequently, you may wish to right-click its icon in the dock and set it to Keep InDock. If you use many USB or Bluetooth devices with your Mac, you are likely to have quite a few If, on the other hand, you are unlucky, then as a options in this list.

The pre-requisites that you On Windows, the serial port can just be set towill need to install are Java runtime 5 or later and COM3. However, if you are usinglots of helpful material.

Configuring Your Arduino Downloading theEnvironment Project SoftwareWhatever type of computer you use, you should The software for all of these sketches is availablenow have the Arduino software installed on it. We for download.

Evil Genius: Electronic Circuits for the Evil Genius by Dave Cutcher (2010, Paperback, Revised)

The whole download is less than anow need to make a few settings. We need to megabyte, so it makes sense to download thespecify the operating system name for the port that software for all of the projects, even if you onlyis connected to the USB port for communicating intend to use a few. To download them, browse towith the Arduino board, and we need to specify the www.

But first, at the top of the screen. Figure Setting the serial port on Windows. Figure Setting the board. If you are using Windows, than the tiny built-in LED. First, we need to load the Blink sketch into the Once the files are installed, you will be able to Arduino software.

The Blink sketch is included asaccess them from the File Sketchbook menu on an example when you install the Arduinothe Arduino software. So we can load it using the File menu, as shown in Figure Comments are not actually part of the program but explain what is going on in theHaving assumed that we have successfully program to anyone reading the sketch. We are going to modify the example Blink If all the comments in a sketch were to besketch that comes with Arduino. We will increase removed, it would still work in exactly the samethe frequency of the blinking and then install the way, but we use comments because they are usefulmodified sketch on our Arduino board.

Rather than to anyone reading the sketch trying to work outblink slowly, our board will flash its LED quickly. This should delay ; take around 5 to 10 seconds. In Chapter sections. This is than before. If everything is okay, thereFigure Uploading the sketch to the Arduino board. The little arrows next to the LED symbol indicate that it emits light. In this section, we Resistors are also often shown as a zigzag line.

The rest of the lines on the diagram represent electrical connections between the components. LEDs cannot simply have voltage applied to These connections may be lengths of wire orthem; they must have a current-limiting resistor tracks on a circuit board. In this case, they will justattached. Both parts are readily available from any be the wires of the components. The component order codesfor a number of suppliers are detailed in the We can connect the components directly to theappendix. Arduino sockets between the digital pin 12 and the GND pin, but first we need to connect one lead of The Arduino board connectors are designed to the LED to one lead of the resistor.

However, forexperimentation purposes, they also allow wires or It does not matter which lead of the resistor iscomponent leads to be inserted directly into the connected to the LED; however, the LED must besockets. The LED will have one lead slightly longer than the other, and it is the Figure shows the schematic diagram for longer lead that must be connected to digital pinattaching the external LED. LEDs and some other components This kind of schematic diagram uses special have the convention of making the positive leadsymbols to represent the electronic components.

The LED appears rather like an arrow, whichindicates that light-emitting diodes, in common To connect the resistor to the short lead of thewith all diodes, only allow the current to flow in LED, gently spread the leads apart and twist the short lead around one of the resistor leads, as shown in Figure This is shown in Figure BreadboardSometimes, it helps to bend a slight kink into theend of the lead so that it fits more tightly into the Twisting together a few wires is not practical forsockets.

A breadboard allows us to build complicated circuits We can now modify our sketch to use the without the need for soldering. In fact, it is a goodexternal LED that we have just connected. All we idea to build all circuits on a breadboard first to getneed to do is change the sketch so that it uses the design right and then commit the design todigital pin 12 instead of 13 for the LED.

To do solder once everything is working.