Complex economic dynamics

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Global Economic Dynamics

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Economic dynamic( Advance level economics)

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Complex Economic Dynamics, Volume 2 | The MIT Press

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Books by Richard H. Day

Volume II is concerned with macroeconomic dynamics and looks at the economy as a whole. Separate parts are devoted to business cycles, economic growth, and economic development, followed by a survey of the history and current state of dynamic economics.

The book concludes with the author's reflection on the implications of complex dynamics for economic theory, for quantitative research, and for government policy. Economic dynamics research is aimed at refining mathematical techniques for nonlinear dynamic analysis in ordinary time and space. It is being used to develop a common mathematical groundwork for all of the Center's research areas. The Center for Advanced Policy Studies consists of five professors and assistant professors with two-year terms who are drawn from five Japanese government agencies the Cabinet Office; Financial Services Agency; Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry; Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport; and Environment Ministry , and one full-time faculty member who oversees the research and is the Center director.

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As the theories and techniques of advanced analysis that are the main research focus at KIER are verified, findings from cutting-edge research can be immediately and precisely linked to policy analysis and thus reflected in actual economic policy. The goals of the Center are to remove barriers between the public, private and academic sectors and between government agencies, facilitate two-way personnel exchanges between government and academia, and promote policy studies based on both theory and verification.

The background to the establishment of the Center was the recognition that refining the negotiating and persuasion skills of policymakers and crafting policies worthy of high international esteem are pressing needs for the government of Japan. To take Japanese policy analysis to the necessary next level, it is essential to end the compartmentalization that customarily affects policy setting and analysis, and to promote two-way personnel exchanges between government and academia.

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