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Often I have unexpected flashes of insight or understanding while relaxing. True or false 5. I sometimes feel so connected to nature that everything seems to be part of one living organism. True or false 6. True or false 7. Sometimes I have felt like I was part of something with no limits or boundaries in time and space.

True or false. True or false 9. I often feel a strong sense of unity with all the things around me. True or false Even after thinking a long time, I have learned to trust my feelings more than my logical reasons. I often feel a strong spiritual or emotional connection with all the people around me. Often when I am concentrating on something, I lose awareness of the passage of time.

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I have made real personal sacrifices in order to make the world a better place, like trying to prevent war, poverty and injustice. I have had experiences that made my role in life so clear to me that I felt very happy and excited. I believe that I have experienced extrasensory perception. I have had moments of great joy in which I suddenly had a clear, deep feeling of oneness with all that exists. Often when I look at an ordinary thing, something wonderful happens. I get the feeling that I am seeing it fresh for the first time.

I love the blooming of flowers in the spring as much as seeing an old friend again. True and false It often seems to other people like I am in another world because I am so completely unaware of things going on around me. I believe that miracles happen. True or false Scoring: Give yourself one point for each true answer and 0 points for each false answer. Data collected by scientists in the USA and Australia suggests that spirituality as measured by the self-transcendence scale is indeed inheritable just like other personality traits.

Hamer was able to link spirituality with a specific gene known as VMAT2. This gene is coded for a protein vesicular monoamine transporter that controls the amount of crucial brain-signalling chemicals. Those brain chemicals can be triggered by certain drugs that can bring about mystical-like experience. Kluger, Jeffrey et al. As noted above, Chuang Tzu thought both big and small, powerful and powerless entities have their own strengths and weaknesses, but neither is independent.

The only independent truly vehicles are the soul and imagination. Close your eyes and let your mind fly in the universe. You can go anywhere you want for free.

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Imagination is the power of the mind 1 to consider things which are not present to the senses, and 2 to consider what is not real. In the first sense, some animals have imagination too. A chimpanzee jumps and stretches out his hand trying to reach a banana which is hung on the wall.

After many failures, he sits there quietly to figure out a way to solve the problem. Suddenly he sees a cardboard box nearby, and pulls the box over and places it against the wall. He jumps on the box and gets the banana.

Similar behaviors can be observed in other mammals or even in birds. The explanation is that during such quiet moments, the animal imagines a way to solve the problem. Imagination is believed to be present through the process of all thought in animals and in humans. It is the power of abstract thinking which animals lack. The imagination of unreal things is, however, limited to humans. Humans can create an illusory world which is more beautiful and more complex than the real one. Of course there is. If you want to build a house but do not move a muscle except to imagine building it, there will be no house.

If you imagine the beauty and the comfort of the house, you may even enjoy the beauty and the comfort if you are good at imagining. To a man and his body, the difference between imagination and reality is not always as important as it is thought to be. The difference does not leave an unbridgeable gap. There are many reports of so-called phantom limbs. The amputation apparently does not stop the patient from having sensations from the phantom leg. Since the leg is gone, this experience is imaginary or hallucinatory.

When the loss of a limb occurs to patients who are more than six or eight years old, almost all of them will report the experience of phantom limbs. Characteristically, the patient complains of cramp. The patient may say his non-existent toes are twisted or curled tightly.

Apparently there are some neuron cells in the brain that are allocated to receive sensation signals from the amputated limb, and for certain reason, those cells are excited as though there is cramp. In other words these neuron cells are imagining. The function of neuron cells is to produce nerve impulses: depolarization followed immediately by re-polarization. The process takes about a thousandth of a second at any point of the cell. There is no difference between imagination and reality at the cell level, since this process of de-polarization and re-polarization is the very same for any mental activity whether it is imaginary or real.


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Are there any special neuron cells for imagination? The answer is no. Theoretically there is no difference between imagination and reality at the brain level, though a given imagination may not match the perception of any reality. There are some reports that people who are born blind have the ability to imagine a visual world just like sighted people, and some of those blind people can even become notable artists who paint out of their visual imagination. Thus imagination does not need perception or life experience as its prerequisite. It has been estimated that at least a million Americans a year are asked to take a lie detector test.

Lie is an act of imagination. If there is no difference between imagination and reality at the cell level and at the brain level, how can a lie detector work to tell the difference? The secret is when you are telling a lie, your brain is aware of fact that you are lying, and such awareness produces some physical changes that can be detected by a lie detector.

When one is lost in imagination, there will be no such awareness in the experienced liar. On the other hand, such awareness can appear, by pure imagination, in inexperienced, innocent people. As a result, lie detectors often make serious mistakes. It is called functional MRI scanning. Since our brain consists of many functional parts, certain parts are working while other parts are resting.

The working parts have more blood supply which can be detected by fMRI. In such tests, the same parts of the brain function for both imaginary and real happenings. When a husband has an abdominal operation with his wife beside him, watching the whole procedure, both husband and wife can show the same pattern in their fMRI. Sympathetically and imaginatively, the wife has felt the same pain as her husband. A common disorder is called hysterical paralysis. The patient imagines his legs are paralyzed, though they are perfectly normal.

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Dreams are also the product of imagination. But we must accept that some of our dreams are more important than some real events in our life. A dream may affect our emotion for days while we easily forget some of our life experiences. Some dreams are so vivid, so real, that they leave us a permanent memory.

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When we have a visual dream, our eyeballs move rapidly though our eyelids are closed. Imagination is associated with slight muscle movements or muscle tension. When we think in words, the vocal organs and related oral muscles may mimic the speaking.

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Some psychic instructors ask you to close your eyes, and move one of your toes. Nothing is moved, but your imagination moves your toes. Instructors say it is the psychic body you have moved. In such cases, an impulse signal has reached the toe muscle and caused muscle tension, though the toe did not move. The conclusion is if you imagine happiness, you may get the real thing.